How It Works

Simple And Quick

We have tried to keep our online ordering simple and quick. If you are happy with our prices and pickup time slots and ready to order:

  1. Simply Signin/Register and book your pickup & delivery time slots, update your cart (optional) and checkout. That's it, no payment or card required.
  2. We will pickup your order within your pickup time slot, take inventory in store and eamil your invoice for payment. You may pay your invoice securely via Stripe; our payment provider.
  3. We will deliver your order to your designated location within your delivery time slot.

If you have time, please read on for details regarding our London pickup & delivery service, minimum order amount, turnaround times and payment options.

Do We Serve Your London Postcode?

Currently our pickup service covers all Central London and adjacent postcodes but we are expanding! Please check first if we serve your postcode.

if you do not see your postcode in the list we may still be able to send our driver to you but we ask that your order should be at least £50. Just so you know, we also use a very reliable pickup service at no extra cost to you if we are unable to send our drivers.

Minimum Order Amount Is £25

Our minimum order amount is £25 for free pickup and delivery. We will add the difference to your order if the total is below minimum.

Regular, Express & Supersonic Turnaround Times

Turnaround time is the time between pickup and subsequent delivery:
  • Regular turnaround is 36-48hrs.
  • Express turnaround, when possible, is within 24-36hrs. and we apply a 25% surcharge.
  • Supersonic turnaround, when possible, is within 6hrs. and we apply a 50% surcharge.

When placing your order online you will be able to select Regular times for pickup and delivery. For Express and Supersonic times please contact us.

If you do not see convenient time slots please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Payment Is After Pickup

When we receive your order in store, we will inspect your items, take inventory and email you your invoice.
  • If you have saved your card details in your account, it will be charged automatically. Your card details are saved secularly on payment provider, Adyen's server, not ours.
  • If you have not saved saved your card details in your account, you may pay your invoice via "Pay by Card Online" link in your email. Select link, enter your card details and then select "Pay With This Card". You can choose to save your card for future payments by checking "Save Card". All cards are charged securely via Adyen. Please note: we are unable to delive unpaid orders.
  • You may also pay by asking us to call you for card details. We will call you after we have received your order in store and emailed you your invoice. Please note this option in "Order Notes" during checkout e.g "I would like to pay over the phone". When paying over the phone, you may ask us to store your card details for future orders. Your card details are saved secularly on Adyen servers, not ours. Please note: we are unable to deliver unpaid orders.

Email Notifications Keep You Informed

We like to keep our customers informed. You will receive text and/or email notification when:
  • your order is ready for delivery
  • you are the next stop for delivery on our drivers schedule.
  • your order is delivered.

Contact us if you do not wish to receive any or all of the above email notifications.

Signin/ Register & Book Your Pickup & Delivery

Simply signin/register and book your time slots.
  • Book your pickup and delivery time slots.
  • You will also have the option to create your shopping cart; we will compare your cart with collected order and notify you of any discrepancy. It is also ok to skip this step, your invoice will have inventory of of all items collected.
  • During checkout you may enter any special instructions in "Notes for Order". This could relate to specific instructions for items in your order, if you wish to pay over the phone or special pickup/delivery instructions.
  • We will email you your invoice the same day your order is received in our store (see Payment Is After Pickup above).